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Ken Loach


“A movie isn't a political movement, a party or even an article. It's just a film. At best it can add its voice to public outrage.”



Unlike virtually all his contemporaries, Ken Loach has never succumbed to the siren call of Hollywood, and it’s virtually impossible to imagine his particular brand of British socialist realism translating well to that context. After studying law at St. Peter’s College, Oxford, he branched out into the theater, performing with a touring repertory company. This led to television, where in alliance with producer ‘Tony Garnett’ he produced a series of docudramas, most notably the devastating “Cathy Come Home” episode of “The Wednesday Play” (1964), whose impact was so massive that it led directly to a change in the homeless laws. He made his feature debut Poor Cow (1967) the following year, and with “Kes”, he produced what is now acclaimed as one of the finest films ever made in Britain. However, the following two decades saw his career in the doldrums with his films poorly distributed (despite the obvious quality of work such as The Gamekeeper (1968) (TV) and Looks and Smiles (1981… read more


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edgar edgar


Beast of a filmmaker

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loach is absolutely incapable of making an irrelevant work. however site-/historical-specific are the stories and characters, his films' themes of struggle, labour, class, & self-determination always manage to resonate beyond but w/out compromising their specificity. he possesses such great critical insight & also humour. his films are necessary.

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The only time real working class Scotland and its people are on screen.

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The naturalistic performances he gets out of his actors are amazing. You can feel much more for each character because of the actor's realistic delivery.

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