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Raúl Ruiz


“If you can make it complicated, why make it simple?”



Raúl Ruiz: Blind Man’s Bluff

Chilean filmmaker Raúl, or Raoul, Ruiz (1941-2011) was one of the most exciting and innovative filmmakers to emerge from 1960s World Cinema, providing more intellectual fun and artistic experimentation, shot for shot, than any filmmaker since Jean-Luc Godard. A guerrilla who uncompromisingly assaulted the preconceptions of film art, this frightfully prolific figure – he made over 100 films in 40 years – did not adhere to any one style of filmmaking. He worked in 35mm, 16mm and video, for theatrical release and for European TV, and on documentary and fiction features and shorts. His career began in avant-garde theatre where, between 1956 and 1962, he wrote over 100 plays. Although he never directed any of these productions, he did dabble in TV and filmmaking in the early 1960s. In 1968, with the release of his first completed feature, the Cassavetes-like Tres tristes tigres (1968… read more

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Picture of Trevor D. Jun Kwong

Trevor D. Jun Kwong


I've never been so bored by a skilled, prolific, individual (but still unbearably boring) auteur.

  • Picture of ExperimentoFilm



    Are you only basing this on THE HYPOTHESIS OF THE STOLEN PAINTING and COLLOQUE DE CHIENS (which you favourited)?

  • Picture of Trevor D. Jun Kwong

    Trevor D. Jun Kwong


    I really liked Dog's Dialogue but I'm not sure why I favorited the former. I fell into a deep sleep while watching that. I've seen about three other of his films, all with things that I really didn't like. To me, they're just pure surface--all intellect and pretty pictures. I'm so unmoved by them. But he does have a vision, so it's fine if other people are genuinely interested.

  • Picture of Trevor D. Jun Kwong

    Trevor D. Jun Kwong


    Oh, I see. I actually never favorited it. I gave it two stars.

  • Picture of ExperimentoFilm



    I feel asleep in HYPOTHESIS too once - hardcore academic Ruiz. Which are the others you've seen by him? I'd recommend THREE CROWNS OF THE SAILOR - nothing boring there.

  • Picture of Trevor D. Jun Kwong

    Trevor D. Jun Kwong


    I've Night Across the Street and Mysteries of Lisbon. The former was pretty awful to me. The latter had some moments of genuine emotion and beauty but eventually ended up being like Night Across the Street--just pretty pictures. Maybe I'll check out Three Crowns in the future, since I haven't seen it yet.

  • Picture of ExperimentoFilm



    For one poll, he named Marnie, Pather Panchali, Barren Lives, Black God White Devil, Last Year at Marienbad, and Sansho the Bailiff. You might be interested in my list RUIZISMS (

Picture of Varun Anisetty

Varun Anisetty


Beautiful quote.He should have elaborated it.

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David Grillo


Cinema with a free will

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We miss you...

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R.I.P. Raúl Ruiz

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Raul Ruiz?

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