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John Landis


“Because of Lucas and Spielberg, the Jaws and Star Wars phenomenon, suddenly B pictures are now A pictures. Now there is no such thing as a B product. It's all crap. ”



With as much monkeying-around as his movies frequently display, it should come as no surprise to John Landis fans that one of his earliest inspirations as a filmmaker was the original 1933 version of King Kong. The man behind such carefree comedies as Animal House, Landis has also helped to blur the lines between comedy and horror with such efforts as An American Werewolf in London and Innocent Blood, in addition to crafting such fine-tined social satire as Trading Places.

Born in Chicago in August of 1950, Landis originally worked in the mailroom at Fox and later as a stuntman before making a name for himself as a director. Landis was in his early twenties when he decided it was time to make a feature, and after a brief flirtation with the idea of crafting an underground porn film, the aspiring director raised the funding needed for his directorial debut from family and friends. The result of his tireless efforts was the relentlessly juvenile but infectiously silly Schlock… read more


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Picture of The King of Mediterranean Avenue

The King of Mediterranean Avenue


This Director of epic proportions will always be remembered for such films as Animal House, The Blues Brothers, Trading Places and that short film entitled, "Three People Getting Chopped Up By A Helicopter."

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Christofer Pierson


Missing Mr. Warmth.

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João Eça


one of the most underrated directors in the history of cinema!

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Elvis Is King


This fuck is a child killer!

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The King of Mediterranean Avenue, Fuzzbucket