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Tony Gatlif


“At the time, it was useless to use words to make the case for the gypsies, so I used music as the key.”



Tony Gatlif (born as Michel Dahmani on September 10, 1948 in Algiers, Algeria) is a French film director of Romani ethnicity who also works as a screenwriter, composer, actor, and producer.

After a childhood in Algiers, Gatlif arrived in France in 1960 following the Algerian War of Independence. Gatlif struggled for years to break into the film industry, playing in several theatrical productions until directing his first film, La Tête en ruine, in 1975. He followed it with the 1979 La Terre au ventre, a story of the Algerian War of Independence.

Since the 1981 Corre, gitano, Gatlif’s work has been focused on the Roma people of Europe, from whom he partially traces his descent.

After making Gaspard et Robinson in 1990, Gatlif spent 1992 and 1993 shooting Latcho Drom, which was awarded numerous prizes. This feature-length musical film, often mislabelled as a documentary, deals with gypsy culture throughout the world around the theme of their music and dance. For Vincent… read more


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Sancar Seckiner


Chasing up Gitanes from Romania to The North Africa through all his life.

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Burcu Tatlises


Gadjo Dilo!

Kaan. likes this

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El Changuito


Also missing Mondo, and everything pre-Latcho Drom. And a bio would be nice, his life's pretty interesting!

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Where are Gadjo Dilo or Swing?