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Henry Jaglom


“The good news is, whether they love them or hate them, they are my films. Frame for frame, I feel such a sense of luck that I get films made the exact way I want them. All my friends who became the biggest stars, directors are always complaining that they can’t get this or that done. I think I’m the luckiest person in this town.”



Love him or hate him, there is no denying that Henry Jaglom is an auteur, one that has always made a profit on his quirky, low-budget, stream-of-consciousness pictures, often about loneliness and relationships. A scion of a wealthy Russian Jewish financier, he began his career in New York theater before moving to Los Angeles where he continued his affiliation with the Actors Studio and was signed as a contract player with Columbia-Screen Gems, working on series like Gidget and The Flying Nun (both starring Sally Field). His first foray behind the camera came during the Six Day War (Egypt vs. Israel) in 1967 when he shot a three-hour, 8mm, silent movie on the frontlines. The social gadfly in him had already cultivated friendships with such Hollywood personages as Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty, Sally Kellerman, the screenwriter Carol Eastman and producer Bert Schneider of BBS Productions who saw his movie and hired him to help edit Dennis Hopper’s Easy Rider read more


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Jaglom's got a new film coming out in October "Just 45 Minutes From Broadway." He originally wrote it as a play that ran for about a year. It was incredible. Now he's turned it into a movie but it's not just a filming of the play. There are a bunch of new scenes. The seder scene is very funny. It's the same basic cast as the play with Tanna Frederick, Julie Davis, Diane Salinger, Jack Heller, Harriet Schock and David Proval, but Judd Nelson now plays the male lead, replacing David Garver and he does a great job. There are a number of new characters including Mary Crosby and the hilarious Michael Emil. This movie is mostly scripted, unlike Jaglom's other films that are mostly improved. It's a beautiful homage to actors and artistic people and I appreciate that having been a artist growing up in a "civilian" family.

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American Cinemateque is preaenting a screening of henry Jaglom's film Sitting Ducks tonight at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica at 7:30. There'll be a Q & A after the film with Jaglom, MichaelEmil and Zack Norman. Emil and Nirman are as waxky in real life as they are on the big screen.

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    I was there. Ihave Sitting ducks in DVD but I'd never seen it in a theatre. I like it even bettwr. And seeing the Q & A with Jaglom, Norman and Emil was worth the price of admission.

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Check out this in-depth interview with Henry Jaglom. It was written by Mondo Justin, Mondo Film and Video Guide Editor -

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I just found out that Henry Jaglom is speaking at Vidiot's Video Annex in Santa Monica tonight at 8:00. Address is 302 Pico Blvd. This is to commemorate the current theatrical release of "Queen of the Lot", the Criterion DVD release of his 1971 classic "A Safe Place", and the release of "Henry Jaglom Collection Volune 1: Love and Romance Collection", which includes "Venice/Venice", "Deja Vu" and "Always".


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