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Chishû Ryû


“I must confess that I felt I was only the colors with which Ozu painted his pictures, [yet]… today I cannot think of my own identity without thinking of him. I once heard Ozu say, ‘Ryu is not a skillful actor — that is why I use him.’ This is very true.”



Chishu Ryu was Ozu’s lifelong friend and the most regular member of the stock company of actors he drew together. He is in Ozu’s earliest surviving film (his eighth) Wakaki hi (1929), played his first major role in Daigaku yoitoko (1936), and is in all the last 17 (and the star of many) of the director’s films. Just how consistent his contributions were in between is somewhat difficult to determine, as many of the films are lost or inaccessible. In the later works, Ryu’s appearances take on the character of a directorial trademark: if there is no star role for him, he turns up in a brief cameo, perhaps with no more than a line or two of dialogue. (Ryu’s consistent dependability was perhaps his defining quality as a professional: he was reportedly also on hand for all 45 of director Yoji Yamada’s inexplicably popular Tora-san films.)

In many of the later films the director/actor relationship becomes clearly symbiotic, in an extremely complex and fruitful way. There is no question… read more

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OMG HE is just so damn cute with his "hmms" omggdgggg

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Hey you guys he was on Tokyo-Ga as him....


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the fetishisation of chishu ryu by ozu

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