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Tsui Hark


“It may seem like the martial arts world has always been dominated by male characters. But that's only the physical difference. My idea is to create an impact when you see a woman fighter fighting with all the might of a man.”



A pivotal figure in the evolution of Hong Kong cinema, action virtuoso Tsui Hark was one of the most popular and influential filmmakers ever to emerge from the Pacific Rim motion-picture community. Famed for his work’s rapid-fire pacing, gymnastic camerawork, and visceral intensity, Hark also won acclaim for his rapier wit and impressive stylistic range, moving easily from the martial arts to gangster dramas to even romance. In addition to reviving the moribund swordfighting and kung-fu genres in the early ‘90s, he was also instrumental in bringing the special effects wizardry of Western filmmaking to the East, eventually following the lead of longtime friend and associate John Woo to Hollywood.
Born Xu Wen Guang in Vietnam in 1951, Hark made his first 8 mm amateur film at the age of 13. After relocating to Hong Kong in 1966, he later attended the University of Texas, graduating in 1969. The following year he directed a documentary, From Spikes to Spindles. After relocating to New… read more


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Dude's a master of movement.

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Top tier director from Hong Kong, with a string of masterpieces starting with Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain (1983) to The Blade (1995), reaching his peak with Peking Opera Blues (1986).

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