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Mike Mills


“Making a movie is so hard, you'd better make movies about something you really know about. And even more, it's really good to make movies about things you need to figure out for yourself, so you're driven the whole way through. It's going to make things more crucial for you.”



Mike Mills was born in 1966, Berkeley, California. He graduated from Cooper Union, 1989.

He works as a filmmaker, graphic designer and artist. As a filmmaker, Mike has completed a number of music videos, commercials, short films, documentaries, and the feature film Thumbsucker (2005). The Architecture of Reassurance (1999), a short film he wrote and directed, was in the 1999 Sundance Film Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Oberhausen short film festival, and The New York Museum of Modern Art’s New Directors New Films. Paperboys (2001), documents the daily life of six boys in rural Minnesota. “Deformer”, documents the life of the world-famous skateboarder Ed Templeton, was featured in the Edinburgh and Rotterdam International film festivals, and Eating, Sleeping, Waiting and Playing (2003), a tour documentary of the French band Air and their audiences is available on DVD. The connected documentaries; “Hair Shoes Love and Honesty” 1998, and “Not… read more


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Hazel Cills


Where is Architecture of Reassurance? Or EVERY MUSIC VIDEO HE'S EVER MADE?

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Kyle Lewis


Can't wait to see Beginners.