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Lance Henriksen


“I’ve broken bones doing stunts, I’ve always been one to have a go. But after a while I realized that there are some things not worth doing. Stunt men pay a price, some of them can hardly walk when they’re older. John Woo set me on fire twice for Hard Target (1993). It burnt my ears! But I would’ve done anything for John Woo.”



An intense, versatile actor as adept at playing clean-cut FBI agents as he is psychotic motorcycle-gang leaders, who can go from portraying soulless, murderous vampires to burned-out, world-weary homicide detectives, Lance Henriksen has starred in a variety of films that have allowed him to stretch his talents just about as far as an actor could possibly hope. He played “Awful Knoffel” in the TNT original movie Evel Knievel (2004) (TV), directed by John Badham and executive produced by Mel Gibson. Henriksen portrayed “Awful Knoffel” in this project based on the life of the famed daredevil, played by George Eads. Henriksen starred for three seasons (1996-1999) on “Millennium” (1996/I), Fox-TV’s critically acclaimed series created by Chris Carter (“The X-Files” (1993)). His performance as Frank Black, a retired FBI agent who has the ability to get inside the minds of killers, landed him three consecutive Golden Globe nominations for “Best Performance by a Lead Actor in a Drama Series… read more


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Trevor Tillman


Amazing actor and a joy in person. I wish he would get more A-list roles. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with him a couple years ago.

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SmokeyPSD, The Blind Owl, HKFanatic

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I highly recommend his just released autobiography "Not Bad For a Human" to everyone who loves Lance. I have only just started but already I am valuing the look behind this great man's life.

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