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Seymour Cassel


“Acting is as complicated as you make it and the more simple you make it, the better you’re going to be. If you take your time, have fun and enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll make it interesting for yourself, then the other actors pay attention and the words mean something now, because they mean something to you.”



Fair-haired and often mustached character actor Seymour Cassel began making film and TV appearances as scruffy hippie types in the 1960s. He studied at the American Theatre Wing and the Actor’s Studio before making his film debut in John Cassavetes’ first film, Shadows (1959), for which he also served as associate producer. He then co-starred with Cassavetes in Too Late Blues (1961) and The Killers (1964). When Cassavetes turned to directing full-time, he utilized Cassel’s talents as often as possible. The actor was Oscar-nominated for his portrayal of an aging hippie in Faces (1968) and later played Moskowitz in Minnie and Moskowitz (1971). A somewhat heavier Seymour Cassel continued as a character actor over the next few decades with roles in Tin Men, Colors, and the made-for-TV movie Blood Feud. In the ‘90s, he played Sam Catchem in Warren Beatty’s Dick Tracy, dog-sled adventurer Skunker in the Disney… read more


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Patrick Humphreys


One of the best heads of hair in Hollywood along with Robert Redford, Christopher Walken, Eric Roberts, River Phoenix and Estevez family.