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Katharine Hepburn


“Acting is a nice childish profession - pretending you're someone else and, at the same time, selling yourself. ”



“I’m a personality as well as an actress,” Katharine Hepburn once declared. “Show me an actress who isn’t a personality, and you’ll show me a woman who isn’t a star.” Hepburn’s bold, distinctive personality was apparent almost from birth. She inherited from her doctor father and suffragette mother her three most pronounced traits: an open and ever-expanding mind, a healthy body (maintained through constant rigorous exercise), and an inability to tell anything less than the truth.

Hepburn was more a personality than an actress when she took the professional plunge after graduating from Bryn Mawr in 1928; her first stage parts were bits, but she always attracted attention with her distinct New England accent and her bony, sturdy frame. The actress’ outspokenness lost her more jobs than she received, but, in 1932, she finally scored on Broadway with the starring role in The Warrior’s Husband. She didn’t want to sign the film contract offered her by RKO, so she made several… read more


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Simply the best

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its mind-boggling how many celebrities im in love with. ms hepburn here is near the very top of that list. no matter who comes into hollywood these days, shes always going to be one of my favorite actresses. an admitted tomboy (in a time where a woman acting unladylike was an atrocity), her humor & candidness is something ill always admire about her.. i truly feel sorry for anyone whos unfamiliar with her work..

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simply fantastic

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Owen Sound


"They're not pants, they're slacks. Watch your language!"

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