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Cate Blanchett


“You can't be trying to make a film that pleases all people, you know, so it's not a concern of mine.”



Born in Melbourne, Australia. Blanchett began making a name for herself in the theater world soon after graduating from Australia’s National Institute of Dramatic Art in 1992. She quickly won roles in the Sydney Theater Company’s productions of Top Girls and Kafka Dances and won the Sydney Theatre Critics Circle Newcomer Award for the latter in 1993. Blanchett also received critical acclaim for roles in theater productions of Hamlet, The Tempest, and The Seagull.

After several appearances on Australian and American television, Blanchett made her feature film debut in 1997’s Paradise Road. Later that year, she grabbed Hollywood’s attention with her performance opposite Ralph Fiennes in Oscar and Lucinda (1997). In 1998, Blanchett’s Golden Globe-winning portrayal of England’s queen in Elizabeth earned the 29-year-old actress her first Academy Award nomination.

Blanchett turned in a superb supporting performance in 1999’s The Talented Mr. Ripley, also featuring Matt Damon… read more


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wendy and lucy


Amazing human being.

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The perfect woman.

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Saw Blue Jasmine a few days ago and was blown away by her performance. Just when I think she couldn't get any better, she does this film.

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A supremely talented actress and beauty; she exudes a regal elegance that lesser women can't even imitate.

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