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Christian Bale


“I have a fear of being boring.”



Christian Bale is one of the few actors in Hollywood whose child stardom has successfully translated to steady and respectable adult employment. With a wistful handsomeness to complement his impressive, sometimes underrated talent, Bale has become something of a quiet sensation, netting choice roles in a number of unconventional, critically acclaimed films.

Born January 30, 1974, in Pembrokeshire, Wales, Bale was raised in England, Portugal, and the U.S. The product of a creative family (his mother was a dancer and both of his grandfathers were part-time actors), Bale made his stage debut at the age of ten, playing opposite British comedian Rowan Atkinson in The Nerd. In 1986, he debuted on television as Alexis in the miniseries Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna. His film debut came the following year with the lead role in Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of J.G. Ballard’s Empire of the Sun. Although the film met with very mixed reviews, Bale received almost ubiquitous praise for his… read more


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Picture of Roscoe



Way less than meets the eye. A combover and a paunch do not = a performance.

Picture of ☯


what a pretty boy prima donna. i'm tired of easy-on-the-eyes actors that can't act.

Picture of Elisou
Picture of Alan Funkle

Alan Funkle


terrific as a villan, as a hero he comes across as a rich snide snotty snob with the charisma of spam. he reminds me of another actor, billy zane, who's terrible in movies like the phantom, yet terrific in rich bad guy parts. im a fan of bale for american psycho, cant stand him as a hero actor. would it bother bale to like at least smile and fake being charming in a hero movie lol. just once.