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Emmanuelle Seigner


“Because I was his (director, Roman Polanski) wife, the press judged me as a wife and not as an actress, which was very painful for me. That’s why I decided to do my own work and work separately. But one day I would love to do a great movie with him.”



In addition to her high-profile marriage to internationally renowned filmmaker Roman Polanski, actress Emmanuelle Seigner has utilized her enigmatic beauty to striking effect in such films as Jean-Luc Godard’s Détective and Polanski’s dark supernatural thriller The Ninth Gate. A native of Paris and the daughter of a prolific photographer father and journalist mother, Seigner was no stranger to show business. Grandfather Louis and aunt Françoise were both members of the renowned Comédie Française, a theater company with a history that reaches back as far as 1680. Raised at a convent school before embarking on a career in modeling at age 14, Seigner’s unusual beauty found the blossoming cover girl eventually making a segue into film.

Seigner made her screen debut in the 1984 romantic drama Year of the Jellyfish, and it wasn’t long before her acting career was gaining momentum with Godard’s Détective and the 1986 drama Cours Privé. A year after appearing as Harrison Ford’s missing… read more


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Meine Gu


Emmanuelle Seigner, you are more than Madame Polanski..astoundingly versatile.