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Richard Oswald




Richard Oswald was born November 5, 1880 in Vienna. Son to a wealthy businessman, he pursued a career in the theatre, and from 1907 on, he was writing and directing plays in Vienna. After falling victim to Anti-Semitic attacks, he moved to Düsseldorf and worked as an stage actor. In 1911, he appeared in two films of Reinhard Bruck and subsequently established himself as a successful writer for the new medium with the crime caper “Der Hund von Baskerville”.

In the wake of WWI, Oswald debuted as a director and his feature “Das eiserne Kreuz” marked the first of many encounters with state censorship. He was hired as a director and author by the Greenbaum-Film GmbH, where he continued his popular “Baskerville”-series. He created the character of German detective Engelbert Fox and directed “Hoffmans Erzählungen”, which saw the screen debut of Werner Krauß.

In 1916, Oswald founded the Richard Oswald-Film-Gesellschaft, which produced and released literature adaptations and detective… read more


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