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Konstantin Lopushansky


[On his intention for 'Visitor To A Museum'] “Help the viewer to open up his soul for compassion, for understanding religious truths, for a desire to comprehend them and apply them to his own fate.”



Andrey Tarkovsky’s disciple, consistently realizing his master’s spiritual and aesthetic principles in his own creations, Konstantin Lopushansky is one of the few Russian film directors whose works can be referred to the notion of “author’s cinematography”. He challenges most complicated artistic tasks in his films, each of them being the evidence of painstaking intellectual work and deep personal emotional experience.

Konstatnin Sergeyevich Lopushansky was born on June 12, 1947 in the city of Dnepropetrovsk. In 1970 he graduated from Kazan conservatoire as a violinist, and in 1973 he completed a postgraduate course in Leningrad conservatoire with a Ph.D. thesis in art criticism. Then Konstantin Lopushansky taught at the Kazan and Leningrad conservatories for several years, before taking the Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and Film Directors. Upon graduating the courses in 1979 he assisted Andrey Tarkovsky in directing the legendary film Stalker. Since 1980 Lopushansky has worked… read more


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rol / the role (2013)

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    ♥ best film on theater without a stage / curtain ♥

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Scour the web for his films - you'll find them. And they are so, so worth it. Simfoniya didn't have subtitles in English until last year. I feel like the only English speaking person who has watched it! Come on people, I want discussion!

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His films really deserve more attention...

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Duncan Jones


Production assistant on Stalker at the age of four? Well, everyone's got to start somewhere...

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