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Vilmos Zsigmond


“I was very much influenced by painting as well as movies. A lot of paintings, which I studied in Hungary, the old Hungarian masters who did historical scenes. They used a lot of candlelight effects.”



Hungarian-born cinematographer Vilmos (William) Zsigmond, who graduated from the Budapest Film School, emigrated to the United States following the brutal Russian repression of the 1956 Hungarian uprising. He moved up from still photographer and laboratory technician to cinematographer during the next seven years, making his debut with the Arch Hall Jr. exploitation film The Sadist (1963). Throughout the next few years, he worked in low-budget movies, including The Time Travelers (1966) and The Monitors (1969), before moving up to serious major pictures in 1971 with James Goldstone’s Red Sky at Morning, produced by Hal Wallis at Universal. That same year, Zsigmond photographed Robert Altman’s McCabe and Mrs. Miller, a high-profile failure that was widely reviewed and taken very seriously by critics despite its lack of box-office success, and Peter Fonda’s The Hired Hand. His next notable appearance behind the camera was in John Boorman’s Deliverance (1972), which became a huge hit… read more


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John Lehtonen


His work in Heaven's Gate is one of the towering achievements in cinema.

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