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Marlène Jobert




Marlène Jobert (born 4 November 1940) is a French Pied-Noir actress, singer and author. Jobert was born in Algiers, Algeria (then French territory), the daughter of Andrée (née Azoulay) and a father who flew for the French Air Force. She came from a Jewish family. She came to Metropolitan France when aged 8. Besides acting, she has been the author and/or narrator of (mainly children’s) audio books. She also has written a series of books which cautiously lead on to the appreciation of classical music, e.g. of Mozart, Chopin, and Tchaikovsky. Her daughter, Eva Green, by Swedish dentist Walter Green, is also an actress. Her other daughter Joy Green is in business school. —Wikipedia 


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Dimitris Psachos


Don't be fooled by her daughter Eva Green, Marlène is the real talent (and beauty!) .

pinkwargasm, Voltei

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    i was already fancying and admiring her in the early 80s