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Agnès Godard


“For me, that's the magic of cinema: that from something lifeless and impalpable, there is a moment in which sensation and emotion are created, and that it is possible to make images live beyond their texture.”



Agnès Godard is a César Award-winning French cinematographer. She is most famous for her long-running collaboration with filmmaker Claire Denis.

Godard originally studied journalism, but switched to film after several years, graduating from La Femis (then known as IDHEC) in 1980. Her first project as a cinematographer was Wim Wenders’ 50-minute Room 666, made for television. There she met Claire Denis, who was working as Wenders’ assistant director.

Godard spent much of the 1980s working as an assistant camera operator or focus puller on films by Wenders, Joseph Losey, Peter Greenaway and Alain Resnais. She also served as director of photography on a short film directed by legendary cinematographer Henri Alekan. Her first collaboration with Denis was the director’s debut feature, Chocolat, where she served as the camera operator; she has been Denis’ regular cinematographer since 1990, when the two worked together on a documentary about Nouvelle Vague… read more


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John Lehtonen


Her work with Claire Denis marks the most daring, breathtakingly beautiful progression of film art, along with Mann's experimentations with Beebe/Spinotti. Pushing the visual language forward. Her images are haunting, ethereal, realistic, stylized, anything she wants them to be. And always on the forefront.

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