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Michel Gondry


“Every great idea is on the verge of being stupid.”



Pioneering director Michel Gondry’s remarkable creative energy and ability to innovate have resulted in some of the most visually stunning music videos in the history of the medium, and his wild imagination and organic, childlike imagery raised the bar of what one could achieve in the short format. In particular, his technique of placing numerous cameras around a subject and combining the images to form a visually astonishing sweeping effect has become so popular that it has since gone on to achieve timeless notoriety in such films as the The Matrix. With a family background that consists of a number of inventors and technological innovators, Gondry, not surprisingly, is seen as a bottomless wealth of imaginative innovation.

Michel Gondry is a native of Versailles who was raised in a freethinking family that encouraged and supported his creative endeavors; his parents harbored a deep love of pop music and the works of Duke Ellington, in particular. Gondry’s grandfather Constant… read more


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Kate Saragaço-Gomes


Gondry says in his book "You'll like this film because you're in it" that he suffers from Utopia Tourettes. I admire him for the way he seems to, paradoxally, materialize this Utopia. This ability is probably quintessential to be a true carrier of the "inspiring" quality.

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Where is Gondry's homage to Jean Vigo???!!!

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Kelly Ricardo


We should totally have every last featured video on the "Work of Michele Gondry" DVD. All so incredible.

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