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Michael Bay


“Fast cars are my only vice.”



With his knack for staging visually flashy blockbuster mayhem, Michael Bay became the commercial leader among a new, 1990s generation of advertising-and-MTV-bred directors. Hollywood to the core, Bay has claimed that he was the illegitimate child of a popular director of the 1970s — although he won’t reveal who — and was given up for adoption at birth. Raised in Los Angeles, he spent his childhood staging Super-8 action movies. He studied film at Wesleyan University and the Pasadena Arts Center, where a Coke commercial he shot as a student project attracted offers to make the real thing. His Coke, Nike, Budweiser, and award-winning “Got Milk?” ads resulted in a 1994 Director’s Guild nomination for Best Commercial Director. He was then tapped by producers Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer to make the kind of slick escapism that defined their 1980s heyday; Bay’s directorial debut, Bad Boys (1995), became a star-maker for Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

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This guy have raped Transformers and will do it soon with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Let's hope for the love of God that he stay the fuck away from Voltron.

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Cromm Crúaich


Wouldn't be surprised if this guy plays with lego and gives the little Lego men voices and makes sound effects as causes mayhem with his little creations.

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"Transformers" – Bay does Spielberg; "Transformers 2" – Bay does Bay; "Transformers 3" – Studio does Bay.

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Classroom Battles


He's the man!

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chanandre, Jason Chan


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