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Ben Affleck


“I'm always described as 'cocksure' or 'with a swagger,' and that bears no resemblance to who I feel like inside. I feel plagued by insecurity.”



Tall and handsome in a meat-eating sort of way, Ben Affleck has the looks of a matinee idol and the resume of an actor who honed his craft as an indie film slacker before flexing his muscles as a Hollywood star. A staple of Kevin Smith films and such seminal indies as Dazed and Confused, Affleck became a star and entered the annals of Hollywood legend when he and best friend Matt Damon wrote and starred in Good Will Hunting, winning a Best Original Screenplay Oscar for their work.
Born in Berkeley, California on August 15, 1972 to a schoolteacher mother and drug rehab counselor father, Affleck was the oldest of two brothers. His younger brother, Casey, also became an actor. When he was very young, Affleck’s family moved to the Boston area, and it was there that he broke into acting. At the age of eight, he starred in PBS’s marine biology-themed The Voyage of the Mimi, endearing himself to junior high school science classes everywhere. The same year he made Mimi, Affleck made the… read more


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the only respectable thing he's ever done was growing a beard

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missing "man about town"

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In a different universe, there is a Ben Affleck that is an arthouse actor darling,

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Mother of God


I love how when you are looking through movies in his filmography and it has some serious movie and corny movie in it and then suddenly BAM there is this one called I Killed My Lesbian Wife, Hung Her On blahblahblahblahsuckmydickMattDamon. hahaha, i'm the one responsible for it though.


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