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George Lucas


“If the boy and girl walk off into the sunset hand-in-hand in the last scene, it adds 10 million to the box office.”



Along with his friend and occasional collaborator Steven Spielberg, George Lucas was the key figure behind the American film industry’s evolution (or, according to most critics, de-evolution) from cinema to spectacle during the late ’70s. The mastermind behind two of the most lucrative franchises in history — Star Wars and the Indiana Jones features, respectively — Lucas redefined the concept of the Hollywood motion picture, shifting the focus of film away from acting and personal storytelling to special effects, production design, and rapid-fire action. Remaining at all times on the cutting edge of merchandising and technology, he forever altered the ways in which movies are perceived by audiences and studios alike.

Born May 14, 1944, in Modesto, CA, George Walton Lucas Jr.‘s first love was not filmmaking, but auto racing. Only a serious wreck forced him out of the sport, and he eventually enrolled in the University of Southern California’s famed film school program. There his… read more


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Siavash Aliparast


This guy has made two Masterpieces(Star Wars: A New Hope, American Graffiti) two very solid films(revenge of the Sith, THX 1138) he has revolutionized the way movies are edited, the way they are filmed, the way they are color graded and by the way he is the one who discovered John Lasseter( who is basically the Walt Disney of Digital Animation) and yet everyone just chooses to ignore all the good that he has done and hates him for a number of mistakes he has made

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    Sigurd Kvernmoen


    So true. In addition, he can probably be seen as a shadow director of Empire Strikes Back and ROTJ.

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Maximilian XXI of Bercovicz


A great and innovative filmmaker is trapped in there

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I'd really like to see links/more attention to some of his experimental short/student films, pre THX-- "Herbie," "1:42:08," "The Emperor," "Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town," and possibly even the doc he did of Coppola, "Filmmaker." As it is, "Freiheit" is one of his only films from this period that has made it online-- to YouTube, etc-- which is a real shame... it's nice to see the kind of stuff he was doing before he turned to the popcorn flicks like "Graffiti" and "Star Wars"!! (not that there's anything wrong with those, but still; I always refer his detractors to "THX," which is still one of my favorites...)


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