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Pernilla August


"Pernilla belongs to the unique, of those whose own acting existence, whose own presence on the stage point outs the adventurous in all existence." [Erland Josephson]



Mia Pernilla Wallgren was born on 13 Augusti 1958 in Stockholm, Sweden. She began her career as a child actor at Vår Teater when she was eight years old. During her years in upper secondary school her interest in theatre took the upper hand. She often cut classes to devote her attention to acting and in 1975 she received her first film role in Roy Andersson’s Giliap.

After graduation, she worked with physically challenged children but took up acting again and was accepted to the National Academy of Acting in Stockholm in 1979. The offer to play the slightly limping nursemaid in Ingmar Bergman’s Fanny and Alexander was made when she was still a student. The same year the film premiered she married the author Klas Östergren and took his name.

After graduating from the National Academy of Acting she was employed by the Gävle Folk Theatre from 1983–84 and in 1986 moved on to the Royal Dramatic Theatre. The year after that she took the role of Ophelia in Bergman’s production… read more


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