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Im Sang-soo




Im Sang-soo (born April 27, 1962) is an award-winning South Korean film director and screenwriter. Im was born in Seoul. He studied sociology at Seoul’s Yonsei University before making a move to The Korean Academy of Film Arts in 1989. He began working in film that same year, landing his first job as Park Jeong-won’s assistant director on Kuro Arrirang (was coincidentally also the first film of Choi Min-sik, who also acted in Shiri and Oldboy).

Following graduation from the Academy of Film Arts, Im worked as an assistant director under Kim Young-bin on Kim’s War (1994). In 1995 Im wrote the screenplay for The Eternal Empire, and also the screenplay A Noteworthy Film, which won him the Creation Prix at the Korean Motion Picture Promotion Scenario Competition.

In 1998 Im landed his first directorial gig. Girls’ Night Out, a drama about three women in Korea, caused a controversy upon release due to the frank and sexually driven dialogue and has received mixed, almost polarized… read more


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