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Kôji Wakamatsu


“I don’t think much of critics, so naturally they don’t think much of me either.”



Kōji Wakamatsu (若松孝二, Wakamatsu Kōji?) (born 1 April 1936) is a Japanese film director who directed such pinku eiga films as Ecstasy of the Angels (天使の恍惚, Tenshi no Kōkotsu?, 1972) and Go, Go Second Time Virgin (ゆけゆけ二度目の処女, Yuke Yuke Nidome no Shojo?, 1969). He also produced Nagisa Ōshima’s controversial film In the Realm of the Senses (1976). He has been called “the most important director to emerge in the pink film genre,” and one of “Japan’s leading directors of the 1960s.”

Kōji Wakamatsu was born in Wakuya, Miyagi, Japan on 1 April 1936. Wakamatsu worked as a construction worker before beginning his film career with Nikkatsu in 1963.

Between 1963 and 1965, he directed 20 exploitation films for the studio, based on sensational topics of the day. He became interested in the Pink Film genre after the success of Tetsuji Takechi’s 1964 Daydream. Nikkatsu submitted his Skeleton in the Closet (壁の中の秘事, Kabe no Naka no Himegoto?) (also known as Secrets Behind the Wall) (1965… read more


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Another director that was ran over? What the shit? Now that I was about to turn into an expert on his ouevre, he dies? The hell? Rest in peace my friend you gave me United Red Army, best thing it happened to me in 2011 and that's no small feat. Thank you and fly high in heaven. Will always remember you. RIP.

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Stephane Tanaka


coincidence ? died 5 days after the hit, in the hospital....

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Been meaning to watch In The Realm Of The Senses. Will do so asap. RIP.

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Ramin S. Khanjani


Rest in peace sensei.

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