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Gregory J. Markopoulos


“For me, locations and beautiful people have always been the backbone of my work.”



Gregory Markopoulos (March 12, 1928 – November 12, 1992) was an Greek-American experimental filmmaker. Born in Toledo, Ohio to Greek immigrant parents, Markopoulos began making 8 mm films at an early age. He attended USC Film School in the late 1940’s, and went on to become a notable co-founder — with Jonas Mekas, Shirley Clarke, Stan Brakhage and others — of the New American Cinema movement, a contributor to Film Culture magazine, and an instructor at the Art Institute of Chicago.

In 1967, he and his partner Robert Beavers left the United States for permanent residence in Europe. Once ensconced in self-imposed exile, Markopoulos withdrew his films from circulation, refused any interviews, and insisted that a chapter about him be removed from the 2nd edition of Visionary Film, P. Adams Sitney’s seminal study of American Avant-Garde Cinema. While he continued to make films, his work went largely unseen for almost thirty years. —Wikipedia 


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Strange filmmaker. Maybe even hard to resonate with. And i don't even really understand his films. But i was mesmerized by them and i keep thinking what exactly in his films makes them so attractive. There is something deeply sad (and i wouldn't say disturbing, no matter how images are changing fast sometimes, which might cause that disturbing feeling on me) and beautiful in his psychedelic. The way he's using colors, shades, light, shadows, music is wonderful. The way he treats time and space, objects, faces and places is somewhat painful in nostalgic and melancholic way. Still he remains fathomless, like when you try to catch air with your hands. Or thought. Or emotion.

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Dimitris Psachos


A superb craftsman of allegorical-magical trances, a cinematic activist of homosexual identity, so why the hell is he largely forgotten? Christmas, U.S.A. and Sorrows are available through UbuWeb, Twice a Man is a nectar from wild reeds and I pledge anyone to release his Greek masterpiece Serenity (Galini) in a proper DVD alongside every single piece of his experimental work, particularly The Iliac Passion and Hagiographia.

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