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Burt Lancaster


“Most people seem to think I’m the kind of guy who shaves with a blowtorch. Actually, I’m bookish and worrisome. ”



Rugged, athletic, and handsome, Burt Lancaster enjoyed phenomenal success from his first film, The Killers, to his last, Field of Dreams — over a career spanning more than four decades. Boasting an impressively wide range, he delivered thoughtful, sensitive performances across a spectrum of genres: from film noir to Westerns to melodrama, he commanded the screen with a presence and power matched by only a handful of stars.
Lancaster was born November 2, 1913, in New York City. As a child, he exhibited considerable athletic and acrobatic prowess, and at the age of 17 joined a circus troupe, forming a duo with the diminutive performer Nick Cravat (later to frequently serve as his onscreen sidekick). He eventually joined the army, and, after acting and dancing in a number of armed forces revues, he decided to pursue a dramatic career. Upon hiring an agent, Harold Hecht, Lancaster made his Broadway debut in A Sound of Hunting, a role which led to a contract with Paramount. Because the… read more


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I can't take it anymore, I've been in the closet all these years pretending to be someone that I'm not, trying to be the person you erect-pinkie cinephiles always wanted me to be. Well, I'm finished with this charade, I'm testifying right here and now that yes, I'M A BURT LANCASTER FAN. Always was, always will be. Christ, I feel better already.

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The Greatest

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I love the way he grew into a great actor in his late career: "The Leopard," "Atlantic City," "Local Hero," "Cattle Annie and Little Britches," "1900." He was wonderful early on in "The Killers," "Sweet Smell of Success," "Trapeze," "From Here to Eternity" and "The Crimson Pirate." However, something happened later on to his image of himself that allowed him to be exposed, open, expressive, magnificently human.


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