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Maurice Pialat


“What I try to do, with the actors' consent, is to create something by beginning with a set situation that we can deviate from in the course of the shoot. ”



Once described as the true heir to Jean Renoir’s legacy, French filmmaker Maurice Pialat is noted for his brutal, insightful portraits of the less savory aspects of family life and French society, as well as for his ability to evoke unusually powerful and realistic performances from his actors regardless of their professional status. Pialat, who is known as one of his country’s more “difficult” directors due to both his subject matter and on-set clashes, was born in Puy-de-Dôme but raised in Paris after the age of three. He started out as a painter and jack-of-all-trades and did sporadic work as an actor. In the late ’50s, Pialat became fascinated with cinema, and he got his start making short films, notably Amour Existe (1961), which won a prize at the Venice Festival.

After spending much of the ‘60s working in French television, Pialat made his feature-film debut in 1968 with Naked Childhood, a cinema verité-style drama utilizing nonprofessional actors. A study… read more


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Maurice Pialat has slowly become and has surpassed many other's, as my all time favorite director. Pialat brought so much to realism cinema with his use of raw emotion and deeply afflicted//disturbed characters, in films such as We Won't Grow Old Together and others. He is a staple in the realist, drama genre.

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"If you don't like me; I can tell you that I don't like you either". That's his 1987 Cannes acceptance speech.

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His movies had more glint than Van Gogh's yellows ever had.

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There are still people who need sympathetic characters. I just bumped off Rosenbaum...


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