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Instrueret af Andrew Bujalski
USA, 2009
Komedie, Drama


De to tvillingesøstre Jeannie og Lauren oplever personlige og professionelle forviklinger over Jeannie’s lyse, slikfarvede vintage-tøjbutik og over hendes ekskæreste. Snart efter forsøger de alle at hjælpe hinanden, men ingenting går som planlagt.

Beeswax Instrueret af Andrew Bujalski
More than ever, Bujalski comes across like the natural heir to someone like Eric Rohmer, an artist who creates intricate, perceptive and artful cinema that rejects unnecessary style and contrivance. Also like Rohmer, this is a film about how language lacks the capabilities to convey the complexity of human feeling and that we have to look beyond what characters are saying to decode their thoughts and intentions.
April 13, 2010
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If you’re expecting conventional plot and resolution, there isn’t anything like that here. Bujalski is offering an entirely different experience, that being the time and space to get to know these people and feel the texture of their lives and draw your own conclusions about them.
August 06, 2009
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[Bujalski’s] latest effort, “Beeswax,” represents an encouraging leap forward. For the first time, he’s placed his hapless folk within a recognizable real-world milieu — one in which people have difficulties more pressing than how to extricate themselves from some goofy-ass house party.
August 05, 2009
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