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Instrueret af Lars von Trier
Danmark, Spanien, 1991
Drama, Historie, Avantgarde


American pacifist (and naive) Leopold Kessler stumbles into a job as a sleeping-car conductor for the Zentropa railways in a Kafkaesque 1945 postwar Frankfurt, where he gets caught in a whirlpool of conspiracies and Nazi sympathisers. A runaway-train ride to an oddly futuristic past.

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Europa Instrueret af Lars von Trier

Priser & festivaler

Cannes Film Festival

1991 | 3 vindere including: Best Artistic Contribution

1991 | Kandidat: Palme d'Or

European Film Awards

1992 | 2 nomineringer inklusiv: European Actress of the Year


[Zentropa] addresses so many fundamental contemporary questions about postmodernism, language, colonialism, the Common Market, coproduction, the future of European cinema, and our collective memory of World War II that one may feel a mite churlish pointing out that its technique ultimately overwhelms the themes and characters. After all, exercices de styleworthy of the name are not exactly plentiful these days, and Zentropa is an especially dazzling example…
July 03, 1992
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