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Pelle the Conqueror

Pelle erobreren

Instrueret af Bille August
Danmark, Sverige, 1987


The end of the 19th century. Lasse and his son Pelle move to Denmark and find employment at a large farm, but are treated as the lowest form of life and are harassed for being foreigners. But none of them wants to give up their dream of finding a better life than the one they left in Sweden.

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Pelle the Conqueror Instrueret af Bille August

Priser & festivaler

Cannes Film Festival

1988 | Vinder: Palme d'Or

Academy Awards

1989 | Vinder: Best Foreign Language Film

1989 | Kandidat: Best Actor in a Leading Role


August’s résumé looks like a struggle, but Pelle itself, rather surprisingly, is a natural, organic epic, and one that opens a window on a meticulously detailed bygone world that, by film’s end, you might feel as though you’ve visited… The story sounds stock in synopsis, but the film itself is eye-popping, wide-screen time travel, shot with sun-burnished care, drenched in details and almost nonchalant about its arresting images.
February 22, 2017
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