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Awards of the Japanese Academy

  1. Ringu (Film)

    Ringu (Film)

  2. Armageddon


  3. Dr. Akagi
  4. Sleepless Town

    Sleepless Town

  5. Gakko III: The New Voyage

    Gakko III: The New Voyage

  6. Give It All
    Newcomer of the Year

    Give It All

  7. Bayside Shakedown
  8. Begging for Love

    Begging for Love

  9. Pride: The Fateful Moment

    Pride: The Fateful Moment

  10. Hana-bi - Feuerblume

    Hana-bi - Feuerblume

  11. Besser geht's nicht

    Besser geht's nicht