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Movie Poster of the Week: Movie Trilogies

Graphic triads for films in a new series at New York’s Film Forum.

Djibril Diop Mambéty’s Mesmerizing Anti-Neocolonial Masterpiece “Hyenas”

The Senegalese director’s allegory about the destructive effect of global financial powers on society’s morality has been newly restored.

Review: “JT LeRoy” Fails to Ask Foundational Questions of Identity

In Justin Kelly’s film, Laura Dern portrays the author who wrote under the name JT LeRoy, fictional avatar embodied by Kristen Stewart.

Jimmy the Gent

James Cagney, especially in his sound-drunk 1930s films, was a physical acting virtuoso: fast-paced, graceful, streetwise and effortless.

Roberto Gavaldón’s Mortal Visions

A Museum of Modern Art retrospective showcases the bold visual style and dark tone of the films by the Mexican director.

The Forgotten: The Belmondo Identity

In this dopey French thriller, a secret agent betrayed by his bosses seeks to carry out his last mission, even though it was cancelled.

Rushes: Lynch and FlyLo, Chinese Women Filmmakers, Robert Altman

This week’s essential news, articles, sounds, videos and more from the film world.

A Straub-Huillet Companion: “Machorka-Muff”

After funding fell through for their Bach biopic, an indignant adaptation of Heinrich Böll unexpectedly became Straub-Huillet’s first film.

Foreplays #20: Straub-Huillet’s “Machorka-Muff”

The “well-oiled machine of Nazism is unstoppable” in this dense, fast-moving adaptation of a Heinrich Böll short story.

Cannes 2019. ACID Lineup

The lineup for the 2019 Cannes ACID has been announced.

Cannes 2019. Directors’ Fortnight Lineup

The lineup for the 2019 Directors’ Fortnight (Quinzaine des Réalisateurs) at Cannes has been announced.

Art of the Real 2019

Highlights from the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s annual festival for new kinds of documentaries.