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Miami International Film Festival

  1. Al Berto

    Al Berto

  2. Mother
    IMDbPro Short Film Grand Jury Award


  3. Candelaria


  4. The Driver Is Red
    Audience Award - Best Short

    The Driver Is Red

  5. Black Cop

    Black Cop

  6. A Sort of Family
    Grand Jury Award for Best Film

    A Sort of Family

  7. Hunting Season

    Hunting Season

  8. Manivald


  9. The Full Story

    The Full Story

  10. The Tesla World Light

    The Tesla World Light

  11. Replica (2017)

    Replica (2017)

  12. Laboratory Conditions

    Laboratory Conditions

  13. Mi Dulcinea

    Mi Dulcinea

  14. This, My Favorite Mural

    This, My Favorite Mural

  15. The Things They Left Behind

    The Things They Left Behind

  16. No Traffic No More

    No Traffic No More

  17. Sexual Being

    Sexual Being

  18. September


  19. Coming to my Senses

    Coming to my Senses

  20. Carry that Weight: A Rockumentary
    Zeno Mountain Award

    Carry that Weight: A Rockumentary

  21. The River

    The River

  22. Above the Drowning Sea

    Above the Drowning Sea

  23. Foreign Land

    Foreign Land

  24. Make Love Great Again

    Make Love Great Again

  25. Noa


  26. SuperMarket


  27. Ayita's Dream

    Ayita's Dream

  28. The Human Face

    The Human Face

  29. Canoe Poems

    Canoe Poems

  30. Los Comandos

    Los Comandos

  31. Broken Hill

    Broken Hill

  32. My Yiddish Papi

    My Yiddish Papi

  33. My Treasure

    My Treasure

  34. The Fisherman

    The Fisherman

  35. Unfinished: Mixed Media

    Unfinished: Mixed Media

  36. Love in Youth

    Love in Youth