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International Film Festival Rotterdam

  1. Earthearthearth


  2. Looking for Venera
    Special Jury Award

    Looking for Venera

  3. More Happiness

    More Happiness

  4. Faya Dayi

    Faya Dayi

  5. The Cemil Show

    The Cemil Show

  6. Landscapes of Resistance

    Landscapes of Resistance

  7. Friends and Strangers

    Friends and Strangers

  8. The Dog Who Wouldn't Be Quiet
    VPRO Big Screen Award

    The Dog Who Wouldn't Be Quiet

  9. Rock Bottom Riser

    Rock Bottom Riser

  10. Suzanna Andler

    Suzanna Andler

  11. Phoenix


  12. OK Computer

    OK Computer

  13. Lumina


  14. The Joy of Things

    The Joy of Things

  15. Damascus Dreams

    Damascus Dreams

  16. Berg


  17. All About My Sisters

    All About My Sisters

  18. Hotel on the Koppies

    Hotel on the Koppies

  19. Dune Dreams

    Dune Dreams

  20. Decameron


  21. Capitu and the Chapter

    Capitu and the Chapter

  22. Bengali Variation

    Bengali Variation

  23. Au jour d'aujourd'hui

    Au jour d'aujourd'hui

  24. Unrendered Road

    Unrendered Road

  25. Unearth: In Between States of Matter

    Unearth: In Between States of Matter

  26. Silence


  27. P-9830


  28. The Old Child

    The Old Child

  29. No One Cried

    No One Cried

  30. Message from Mukalap

    Message from Mukalap

  31. The Last One

    The Last One

  32. Improvised Objects

    Improvised Objects

  33. Meet Doug

    Meet Doug

  34. The Blind Rabbit

    The Blind Rabbit

  35. Art Blasé

    Art Blasé

  36. Fat Chance

    Fat Chance

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