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Foto von Fritz Rasp
Foto von Fritz Rasp

Fritz Rasp

“(About Schuhpalast Pinkus) During that time, I was embarrassed about what I was filming.”

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    Fritz Lang Deutschland, 1927

    Easily one of the most iconic films ever made, Fritz Lang’s classic future shock is still thrilling. A propulsive epic and mind-blowing visual symphony, Lang’s deeply influential vision is both the foundation of sci-fi cinema and a time-honored gateway to the expressive wonders of silent film.

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    Fritz Lang Deutschland, 1928

    Talk about an opening sequence! A fan favorite and the most underrated of Fritz Lang’s Weimar “superfilms,” Spies is a caper for the ages. Predating the adventures of Bond and Tintin, Lang invents the modern spy film: crackling with twists, disguises, gadgetry, narrow escapes, and forbidden love.


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