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A Place to Go

Großbritannien, 1963
Krimi, Drama

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Life in Bethnal Green is changing for the Flints. Dad may decide to quit the docks and their daughter wants a new home with her husband and expected baby. Son Ricky is dissatisfied with his lot and equally eager to get away.

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A Place to Go Regie Basil Dearden

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  • Daniel S.'s rating of the film A Place to Go

    ** 1/2. Rita Tushingham steals the show in this Idontknowhowtoqualifyit Relph/Dearden production. Social drama, crime movie or romance ? Michael Sarne, the future director of Myra Breckinridge sings two songs, the first one very modern (for 1962 I mean), the other one intended to older people. In fact, A Place to Go is a consensual movie that could have been a lot more. Already forgotten. Unfortunately.

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