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Ana, mon amour

Rumänien, Deutschland, 2017

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Toma lernt Ana in der Uni kennen. Ana hat eine neuronale Störung und leidet unter Panikattacken, doch Toma unterstützt sie bei der Überwindung ihrer Leiden. Als sie schwanger wird, fängt Ana eine psychoanalytische Therapie an, die sie charakterlich stärkt. Doch dann beginnt Tomas Welt zu schwanken.

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Ana, mon amour Regie Călin Peter Netzer
The movie reveals everything in its first scene… Under the direction of Netzer, the gifted DOP Andrei Butica shoots the beginning of a relationship in a rare, personal way, and in doing so creates an incredibly intimate and compelling set up.
February 20, 2017
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Though Netzer’s compassion is never in doubt, the fragmentation of the narrative ensures a measure of detachment which makes for balance, ambivalence and clarity; the result is an astute, illuminating and altogether credible study of what Netzer has described as “the actual impossibility of building a relationship”, reminiscent at times of Bergman films like The Passion of Anna or Scenes from a Marriage. It was one of the most ambitious, impressive and satisfying films in this year’s Berlinale.
February 20, 2017
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Romanian cinema takes a decidedly Bergmanesque turn with Ana, Mon Amour, an intellectually complex, emotionally harrowing dissection of the travails of a long-term relationship. Structured jigsaw-style in a series of non-chronological fragments, and featuring terrific performances from leads Mircea Postelnicu and Diana Cavallioti, Ana, Mon Amour is a jump into the realm of intimate psychology from the director of Child’s Pose.
February 17, 2017
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