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Assault - Anschlag bei Nacht

Assault on Precinct 13

USA, 1976
Action, Krimi, Thriller

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Ein vor der Auflösung stehendes, schon fast verlassenes Polizeirevier in Los Angeles wird von Polizisten und Gefangenen gegen eine kriminelle Jugendgang verteidigt. Das Massaker hinterläßt nur wenige Überlebende.

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Assault - Anschlag bei Nacht Regie John Carpenter
Shot on a shoestring and packed with brutal, unrepentant violence . . . Assault on Precinct 13 was reviled upon its release as exploitative trash and then reevaluated after the massive success of Halloween. Forty-two years later, it stands as perhaps the starkest illustration of its creator’s gifts for staging and sustaining on-screen carnage.
May 29, 2018
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…John Carpenter was inspired to make a film that loosely followed the George Romero template, drawing a line from the heaving faceless masses of “Night” back to the prison-siege framework of Howard Hawks’s “Rio Bravo”. It proved a thoughtful connection. The resulting film, “Assault on Precinct 13”, plays out in the intersection of its two seemingly incompatible influences — a Western without the West, a zombie film without zombies.
November 19, 2013
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If Assault on Precinct 13 takes place against an abstractly minimal depiction of New Hollywood angst and fear, it nevertheless emerges one of the most optimistic classics of the period, even taking into account the murder of a little girl getting an ice cream cone.
November 15, 2013
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