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Born in Flames

USA, 1983
Komödie, Drama, Fantasy

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In New York City of the future, a group of women decide to organize and mobilize, to take the revolution farther than any man – and many women – ever imagined in their lifetimes.

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Born in Flames Regie Lizzie Borden
Under the Regan dominated 1980s American landscape comes the crown jewel of cult feminist classic Born in Flames, a dystopian sci-fi that puts lesbians as the purveyors of a successful socialist revolution. Lizzie Borden creates one of the most empowering feminist calls to arms in a narrative feature that challenges sexual harassment and embraces the micro-budget filmmaking aesthetic.
March 08, 2017
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Restored on 35mm from the 16mm internegative by Anthology Film Archives, Borden’s 1983 film now looks and sounds as legendary as its reputation deserves, bringing added clarity and urgency to the Women’s Liberation Army and their pirate-radio partners as they fight back against a pseudo-socialist government that is spying on its citizens and pushing women back into the kitchen.
November 02, 2016
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Through the three queer, radical, Black female protagonists of Born in Flames – Adelaide Norris, Zella Weily, and Honey – Borden illuminates the link between this particular subject position and the film’s untimely politics. Born in Flames exceeds the coordinates and determinations of the present order of things by unmasking the way in which power replicates itself through a colonisation of time.
September 15, 2016
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