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Chungking Express

Chung Hing sam Iam

Regie Wong Kar-wai
Hongkong, 1994
Drama, Liebesfilm

Darum geht's

Zwei Liebesgeschichten aus dem Moloch Hongkong: Zunächst begegnet ein melancholischer Polizist, der von seiner Geliebten verlassen wurde, einer in diverse Verbrechen verstrickten Frau, danach verändert eine in einem Schnellimbiß arbeitende junge Frau heimlich das Leben eines weiteren Polizisten.

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Chungking Express Regie Wong Kar-wai
What’s surprising is that all its melding of cross-cultural influences and cinematic rule-breaking actually works and does so in exhilarating fashion. The first half, which plays like a gangster thriller, is infused with an unexpected longing, while the second half shifts effortlessly into a rom-com that balances slapstick with a deeply felt melancholy. Perhaps this is just another case of style over substance, but Wong’s masterpiece might be one of the few films in which style begets substance.
March 01, 2017
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Today the film retains its playful and clumsy sexiness, its raw and rough-around-the edges appeal, its lusty lyricism, unabashed charm, and its elastic disequilibrium… A heightened awareness of passing time is imprinted on every one of the film’s burnished, stylized images, is central to its enduring ode to cinephilic romance and, ultimately, spurs its longing for fleeting and infectious moments of rapture.
March 01, 2017
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…Chungking Express overall has the feel and rhythm of pop music—but in its sense of constant self-creation it’s more like a karaoke performance than a refined studio recording. Made over the course of three months during a break in the filming of Wong Kar-wai’s grand martial arts movie Ashes of Time, it’s a fantastically restless film, a rummaging through of techniques and scenarios that just might jell into an affecting tale of twinned romantic longings.
July 12, 2013
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