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Fahrstuhl zum Schafott

Ascenseur pour l'échafaud

Regie Louis Malle
Frankreich, 1958
Drama, Thriller, Krimi

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Ein Mann (Maurice Ronet) hat einen guten Plan, will seinen Chef ermorden um mit dessen Geld und Frau (Jeanne Moreau) ein neues Leben zu beginnen. Doch wie so oft, hat der Zufall einen noch besseren Plan und Mann, Frau und Geld finden nicht so einfach zusammen wie erwartet.

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Fahrstuhl zum Schafott Regie Louis Malle
The way that Louis Malle shoots Jeanne Moreau—those are some of the most beautiful walking scenes I’ve seen. She’s walking in the rain with her head held high, lost in herself, mumbling, and with that amazing score being played by Miles Davis. There is something so modern about the film, and it feels like it opens so many doors.
June 01, 2018
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Malle appeared to be torn between a hyper-controlled aesthetic that’s reminiscent of artists like Alfred Hitchcock, and an open and chaotic kind of drama that anticipates the concerns of Malle’s later films. The characters are components of a formal and political schematic rather than living and breathing creations, though Malle also captures Paris with a docudramatic volatility that hints at the greater films that would follow from him and the blossoming French New Wave.
February 06, 2018
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The film is best appreciated on a big movie screen, or in a darkened home viewing room with an excellent TV that can perceive fine shades of grey. Its meandering rhythms take some getting used to, and you’re never not aware that the movie is coasting on pure attitude throughout much of its running time. It does not seem to have been written and directed so much as composed and then performed, in the manner of a classic jazz arrangement rendered live for a paying audience.
August 13, 2017
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