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Kramer gegen Kramer

Kramer vs. Kramer

USA, 1979

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Ben Kramer (Hoffman) thinks he has a well-adjusted life. Devoted to his work, Ben is at the top of his game at an ad agency in New York City. He thinks his home life with his wife Joanna (Streep) and son Billy (Justin Henry) is also great—until Joanna tells Ben that she’s leaving him.

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Kramer gegen Kramer Regie Robert Benton

Auszeichnungen & Festivals

Academy Awards

1980 | 5 Gewinne unter anderem: Best Picture

1980 | 4 Nominiert unter anderem: Best Actor in a Supporting Role

National Board of Review

1979 | 2 Gewinne unter anderem: Best Supporting Actress

BAFTA Awards

1981 | 6 Nominiert unter anderem: Best Actor

Directors Guild of America

1980 | Gewinner: Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Motion Pictures


[On the scene where Ted’s son gets injured:] It took us over an hour, but we’re finally at a point in the film where a scene can have its own internal drama, where it can make us feel dread and panic and empathy and adoration without those feelings fundamentally changing what we think of characters that have already become fully realized in our minds…
March 18, 2014
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For reasons superficial as well as not, Kramer feels more like an ‘80s movie than a seventies one: its focus on boomer self-actualization through work, its tendency to sand away its rough edges with eminent tastefulness (Nestor Almendros photography, Vivaldi score), the casting of Jobeth Williams. And though it’s remembered for being a dramatic look at divorce, it’s actually just a more reactionary, anti-feminist version of 1987’s Baby Boom, both expressions of the difficulties in juggling careers and families.
May 14, 2012
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