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Le Bonheur - Glück aus dem Blickwinkel des Mannes

Le bonheur

Regie Agnès Varda
Frankreich, 1965
Drama, Liebesfilm

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Francois ist glücklich mit seiner Frau Therese und den gemeinsamen Kindern. Aber noch glücklicher ist er, als er Emilie kennenlernt, sich in sie verliebt und eine Affäre mit ihr beginnt. Er will sein neues Glück teilen – mit seiner Ehefrau.

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Le Bonheur - Glück aus dem Blickwinkel des Mannes Regie Agnès Varda

Auszeichnungen & Festivals

Berlin International Film Festival

1965 | 2 Gewinne unter anderem: Interfilm Award - Recommendation


Prix Louis Delluc

1964 | Gewinner: Prix Louis Delluc




The first thing about “Le Bonheur” is its riot of color… a painterly mix that is more reminiscent of the cosmic intimacy of Bonnard’s paintings than of the Impressionist works that Varda references throughout the film. And for Varda, the charms of Impressionism are raw material that she subjects to analysis and criticism—it’s a film in which emotional life and sensual delight are seen through the prism of sociology, psychology, and philosophical reflection.
June 09, 2010
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More than Le bonheur’s feminist politics and the fact that they were slightly ahead of their time, it is on the level of form that the film is so unsettling and calls up so many contradictory interpretations. One need only look at the opening and closing scenes to understand the complexity of Varda’s strategy.
January 21, 2008
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A beautiful and disturbing 1965 feature by Agnes Varda about family happiness, full of lingering and creepy ambiguities… Provocative and lovely to look at, this is one of Varda’s best and most interesting features (along with Cleo From 5 to 7 and Vagabond).
December 01, 1990
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