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Vier im roten Kreis

Le cercle rouge

Frankreich, Italien, 1970
Krimi, Drama, Thriller

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Durch einen Zufall treffen der frisch entlassene Einbrecher Corey und der gerade entflohene Häftling Vogel aufeinander. Gemeinsam mit dem Ex-Bullen Jansen planen sie einen raffinierten Bruch in ein Juweliergeschäft am exklusiven Place Vendôme in Paris.

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Vier im roten Kreis Regie Jean-Pierre Melville
The apocalypse, when it comes, will not be in a ball of fire, the rising of the seas, or locusts descending. It will be three people, who did everything right, pierced by a thousand bullets like St. Sebastian’s arrows. Le Cercle Rouge is the closest Jean-Pierre Melville got to his ideal, a mix of Jacques Becker’s Le Trou and Bresson’s Pickpocket, a blue-gray nocturnal reconnoitering of the flimsy chains keeping men in their place.
May 03, 2017
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The metaphysical impulses already evident in Le samouraï burst into blossom in Le cercle rouge (1970), an existentialist noir painted with the cold hues of grey, blue and green where the only warm touch is the red of blood, of death. Dialogues are reduced to a minimum as Melville displays his iconographic mastery throughout having condensed noir into an immanent palette where images are more expressive words.
May 02, 2017
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It is a wholly cinematic work, in that characterization results of fetishized, highly choreographed movement. LE CERCLE ROUGE climaxes with a 25-minute, dialogue-free robbery scene where every action carries extreme consequence—a bold attempt on Melville’s part to “outdo” a similar sequence from Jules Dassin’s RIFIFI. But where Dassin’s achievement stands out from the film around it, Melville’s seems the culmination of a very personal style.
November 18, 2011
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