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Mr. Long

Japan, Hongkong, 2017
Drama, Action, Krimi

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Der Berufskiller Long nimmt einen Auftrag in Japan an. Als alles schief läuft, muss er fliehen. Schwer verletzt zieht er sich in eine kleine Stadt zurück. Ein junger Junge bringt ihm Wasser und Kleidung. Long lässt sich in einem verfallenen Haus nieder und kocht für den achtjährigen Jun.

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Mr. Long Regie Hiroyuki Tanaka (SABU)
It begins as a blood-soaked martial-arts film before morphing into social drama then melting into a tender romance, then switching back to an edge-of-your-seat thriller culminating in tear-drenched drama. It could’ve been a mess, but Sabu expert direction, together with an understated performance by lead actor Chang Chen, made for a masterful piece of storytelling.
March 01, 2017
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Some people might be slightly irritated if, before breakfast, they were to watch a movie in which more than twenty people are massacred in the first five minutes. But, in the case of Mr. Long (selected to compete in this years Berlinale), the massacre of an assortment of evil gangsters sets the perfect, wild tone for this, a most unique and innovative cinematic experience.
February 17, 2017
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The community of neighbors that coalesces around this ad hoc family is made up of characters that I understand some will find funny, though they strike me as simply silly. Well, Long’s past catches up with him, there’s a showdown and an abrupt end to the quiet life, but by this point, you’ll know full well what happens next. Sabu’s Chasuke’s Journey screened in Competition in 2015, and I never really understood why. Same again.
February 17, 2017
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