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Mulholland Drive - Straße der Finsternis

Mulholland Dr.

Regie David Lynch
USA, 2001
Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Darum geht's

Rita (Laura Harring) irrt nach einem Unfall planlos auf dem Mullholand Drive in Hollywood umher. Sie hat ihr Gedächtnis verloren, doch in einem Appartment trifft sie die erfolglose Schauspielerin Betty Elms (Naomi Watts), die ihr helfen will zu rekonstriuieren, was vor dem Unfall geschah.

Darum sehenswert

Initially conceived as a TV pilot, only to be transformed into a feature film, Mulholland Dr. is lightning in a bottle of Hollywood fantasies, baroque emotions and noir dreamscapes. An uncontested masterpiece of surrealism.

Mulholland Drive - Straße der Finsternis Regie David Lynch

Auszeichnungen & Festivals

Cannes Film Festival

2001 | Gewinner: Best Director

Academy Awards

2002 | Nominiert: Best Director

Independent Spirit Awards

2002 | Gewinner: Best Cinematography

More than anything else, Mulholland Drive is an incredible cinematic experience. You laugh, you wince, you fall in love, you hold your breath, you cringe, you mutter “Oh my God.” The movie is a nonstop catalog of classic Lynchian moments, from extreme discomfort to nostalgic reverie to utter desolation to sheer terror.
October 12, 2001
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While it’s tempting to think that Lynch has simply lost control of his vision yet again, the film is so densely layered and seductive that it’s hard to pull away completely, even when it stops making rational sense. Recognizing the futility of bringing material for an untold number of television episodes to a neat and satisfying conclusion, Lynch has done the next best thing, pushing the audience deeper and deeper into his subconscious tangles.
October 12, 2001
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While Lynch’s films all have dream-like qualities, Mulholland Drive is his first since Eraserhead to employ “the logic of a dream – a nightmare” (how Welles described Kafka’s The Trial) from beginning to end. And like a nightmare, the film’s effect is twofold. It creates an extreme sense of unease, which provokes, in turn, an investigative impulse – as if by using one’s analytic skills to piece together its puzzling narrative, one could exert control over the anxiety the film generates.
September 01, 2001
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