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Von Menschen und Pferden

Hross í oss

Island, Deutschland, 2013
Komödie, Drama, Liebesfilm

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In a remote valley in Iceland, where neighbours follow each other closely and people have deeply intertwined relationships with their horses, a couple’s first official visit is keenly monitored. Spring is coming and, with it, the dangerous force of nature. This cannot end well.

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Von Menschen und Pferden Regie Benedikt Erlingsson
This might appear a simple, tragic, comic narrative about the preservation of Icelandic nature and horses, but it is a more complex reflection of global connectivity.
November 20, 2016
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The tales the film spins are both bawdy, in their focus on animalistic lusts—more than one species is seen to copulate outdoors, gruntingly—and at times pleasingly legendary, with incidents of retributive blindness, unexpected visions, and land disputes as vicious as in the times of the Sagas. The film gets laughs at backwards folkways . . . but the humor is also nostalgic in its passed-down broadness.
March 11, 2015
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What a pleasure to meet a movie that tells its story visually! Details of behavior matter. The ritual of bridling a horse gets carried out in ways that characterize the riders, and there is one moment, in which a young woman accomplishes the apparently impossible, that is crowd-pleasing without being over the top—all presented briskly and with hardly any dialogue.
October 01, 2014
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