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USA, 1986
Drama, Krimi, Thriller

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Jack Casey is a stock market dynamo — until one day when he makes a decision that completely destroys his professional prospects. His next gig? He becomes a New York City bike messenger and soon falls for a colleague, Terri.

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Quicksilver Regie Thomas Michael Donnelly

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  • Ademption's rating of the film Quicksilver

    Quicksilver is a botched attempt at synthesizing music videos and film. A pissy Larry Fishburne, fingerless gloves, BMX tricks, several montages, and Kevin Bacon make for a flawed but silly 80s film that takes itself semi-seriously. That said, I enjoy watching it.

  • rorydean's rating of the film Quicksilver

    Pic of Bacon ala bicycle ballet should warn 80s mayo of synth-pop tune-age, weak kneed script makes audiences cringe while script elevates dust to better story line. I caught this on the way to the dumpster, next stop .99 cent bin at Walgreens next to choco-nuts by the pound, bag-o-screws for nearsighted seniors and tattered magazines not even checkers want to read. Bacon could only go up from this bomb crater..

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